Mumbai is India's vibrant commercial capital and the city where majority of the remaining Jewish Community of India resides. There are 10 Synagogues ( including greater Mumbai area) and three Jewish Schools with a population of about 3500 Jewish People residing amongst the 20 million plus population. It has an International Airport with direct flights from around the world and considered as the Gateway of India. Several business visitors keep travelling to Mumbai on regular basis and generally attend Shabbath Prayers at one of the Synagogues located in South Mumbai near the five star hotels. The best season to visit Mumbai is October to March as April and May are the hot summer months and from June to September it is raining. Mumbai is the island city with 7 islands within. In order to connect with the main land you can either take a boat ride or driver over the bridge connecting island city with the main land.

Local Attractions

Crawford Market, Malbar Hill, Hanging Garden, Dhobhi Ghat, Sassson Docks, Colaba Causeway, Queen's Necklace, Victoria Terminus, Dabbawalla, Bollywood Film, Jewish Landmarks including Synagogues, Schools and other landmarks which were contribution of the Jewish Pholanthropists - David Sassoon and family. Bombay is the food capital of India and you can enjoy a variety of cusine from the Southern to the Northern States of india as well as the Bombay Food Specialities such as Bhel, Sev-Puri, Pani Puri and Pav Bhaji etc. There are several Pure Vegetarian restaurants and one Kosher restaurant in Mumbai. The city of Mumbai is also shoppers paradise as you can select a range of branded or un-branded items. It has the leather goods market located in one of the largest slum area which is tourist attraction due to the film Slum Dog Millionaire.

Jewish Attractions

In additional to visiting 7 functioning Synagogues in Mumbai area viz. Keneseth Eliyahoo, Gate of Mercy, Share Ratson, Magen David, Etz Hayim, Tiphereth Isreal and Magen Hassidim there are three Jewish Schools and several Jewish Landmark monuments.