Jewish Villages Tour, Raigad

The Advent & Progress of Shanwar Tellis In Raigad

0.5 to 1 Day 2(min) to 10 People Tour operates: Sun to Fri on request


The Jewish Village Tour, Raigad was founded by us in the year 1985 when Rabbi Huge Gryn and his 45 members of the Congregation from London visited India. This tour has evolved over the years but the story of SHANIWAR TELIS (local description of the Bene-Israels remains unchanged.) We have two options to travel only by Car or by both Boat and Car depending on the tour we decide based on saving time by using the boat and by passing Panvel and Pen. The Boat can be regular, private or a speed boat as per request. During the tour if time is the limitation then we recommend visit to Magen Aboth Synagogue and the First Arrival Site at Navgaon where as for a detailed tour we can visit Revdanda Synagogue as well as Jewish Farm, and withness a D. Samson Soda Factory, timepermitting even to visit the Khandala where Bene Israels are faithfully visiting for religious prayers honoring Eliyahu Hanabi with unique ceremony.

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