Gujrat's leading city, Ahmedabad was the state capital until 1970. ( Now Gandhinar is the Capital of Gujrat) This bustling Industrial and commercial centre also has a fascinating old quarter, redolent with Gujrat's traditional culture and history. Legend has it that the city ows its foundation to Sultan Ahmed Shah who, while out hunting, encountered a warrend of rabbits on the banks of Sabarmati River. Astonishingly, the rabbits turned fiercely on his hounds and defended their territory. Viewing this as auspicious sign, the sultan built his new capital at the site and named it after himself - Ahmedabad.

Local Attractions

Old Ahmedabad has Heritage Walking Tour in the Morning hours. The places to visit are Teen Darwaza, Jami Masjid, Ahmed Shah's Mosque, Siddi Saiyad's Mosque, Tomb of Ahmed Shah, Dada Harir Vav. In New ahmedabad one can visit Calico Museum, Sabarmati Ashram, Gandhinagar, Adlaj Vav, Rani ni Vav etc.

Jewish Attractions

The Jewish Community has built one of the finest Synagogue which does not have a single colomn inside the buiding. It is located opposite the Parsee Agiyari. Several leading families from the Jewish Community of Ahmedabad own and manage schools which are most popular with the locals for imparting good education. These schools include Best High School, Nelson's High School, Reuben's High School, Clasical High School and Little Flower High School. The Kankaria Zoo and Balvatika was founded by Late Dr. David Reuben whose statue is located in the same complex.