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Overview. Gujrat’s leading city, Ahmedabad was the state capital until 1970. ( Now Gandhinagar is the Capital of Gujrat) This bustling Industrial and commercial centre also has a fascinating old quarter, redolent with Gujrat’s traditional culture and history. Legend has it that the city own its foundation to Sultan Ahmed Shah who, while out hunting, encountered a warrend of rabbits on the banks of Sabarmati River. Astonishingly, the rabbits turned fiercely on his hounds and defended their territory. Viewing this as auspicious sign, the sultan built his new capital at the site and named it after himself – Ahmedabad.

Discover the one and only Jewish synagogue in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State: the Magen Abrasham Synagogue. Visits to the Hindu temple,  Jama Masjid, and the Sabarmati Ashram. Join us for a Jewish Heritage Tour of Ahmedabad.


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